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Several years ago I sat with a young military man who was preparing to leave Gainesville in a few days for his next assignment in another state. He was remarking how much he and his wife had enjoyed their time at Creekside, the relationships they had developed in their One Another Group and the family the church had become to them. It was just the sort of thing you want to hear about your church from someone heading out the door. After a while, he said he had one part of our “debriefing” that was more of a corrective if I wanted to hear it. I said of course, while I mentally ran through my list of the various possibilities he might mention. In one part of my mind meanwhile, I was doing the mental equivalence of tensing up my stomach waiting for the punch to the stomach that might follow.

“You’re losing the communication war”. It wasn’t what I expected, but not totally surprising either. He went on to affirm much of what the church was doing, but said he thought more communication with the church would be immensely helpful.   We talked about several possible solutions and then said good bye. That conversation was recounted to staff, various people in leadership and then was in effect “filed away”. And there it sat. Yet years later, that phrase has on occasion come out of storage to ring in my ears. And so here it is again and it’s part of the reason why I am sitting here writing this.

We all know there is no shortage of ways to communicate these days. In fact, it seems there are too many. That is one of the reasons I have been slow to jump into the “blog” pool. There is such a glut of information, I didn’t want to contribute to the overload, to be more static in an already noisy world. In many ways, I still believe that. I believe that silence and quiet reflection on the Word, combined with prayerful consideration of our lives are spiritual disciplines that would revolutionize us, our families and our church more than we can imagine. And yet, are these two things, information and silence, mutually exclusive? I don’t think so. While my family needs times of silence and reflection, it also needs to communicate as well. We are no different as a church family. The reality is that as a church we need to improve communication AND on the whole, we all are drowning in more information than we can possibly take in and assimilate. Which leads me to this blog.

The intention in jumping into this “pool”, is to invite you as part of the church family to a conversation. And since it is an invitation, it can be accepted, or it can be turned down. And so for those of you who want to hear more about Creekside, where we are going and what some of us on staff are thinking as we go, you are invited to check this out on the church website. For those of you who are overloaded and not interested, then this invitation can be turned down.  The hope is that this will be helpful in “winning the communication war”.  So with this first entry, I pray that this space will be a blessing, an encouragement to you in your walk with Christ.

My hope is that this space will be one more piece of “winning” the communication war. This is simply one of many different conversations going on on the church family. I pray it’s blessing and a source of encouragement to you.

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