Care and Compassion

Care & Compassion Ministry at Creekside exists primarily to meet the physical needs of our own brothers and sisters by connecting volunteers with opportunities to serve.  Volunteers are needed to demonstrate mercy and help out in practical ways when someone in our own church family needs help or is experiencing illness, disability, bereavement, or other difficult life situations.

Skills & Resources Survey

Completing this survey does not commit you to anything, but gives us a better handle on who to contact when opportunities arise to serve one another.  The survey will be sent to the Care and Compassion deacons and we will contact you by phone or email.  If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact .

Your Name:
Your Email:
Your Phone:

Specific services you are capable of providing. Check all that apply.
Run errands such as picking up groceries or prescriptions
Transportation to church or to appointments
- - - # of people you can transport in your vehicle:
Provide meals to those who are ill or grieving the loss of a loved one
Visit those in the hospital or who are unable to leave home
Emergency childcare or babysitting
Electrical work
Auto work or car repair
Minor house repair or handyman
Cleaning or housework
Moving assistance
Provide a moving or hauling truck
Computer help or repair
Financial counseling

List any other skills or services you are able to provide for the benefit of others in our congregation that are not listed above:

Day and time you are more likely to be able to provide assistance. Check all that apply.

Do you know of anyone in your small group or in our congregation that currently has unmet or undermet physical needs?

Are you a regular member of an OAG? If so, please identify which OAG:

If you prefer, here is the Care & Compassion Survey to download and print out the survey to turn into the church office.