International Students

Gainesville is host to International Students and Scholars from over 100 sovereign nations. Students, visiting scholars, professionals, and their families have left their homelands in order to study in this country. The internationals that are here present us with a unique opportunity to communicate the Good News of Jesus and consequently, to impact nations around the globe.

Hospitality and friendship are foundational to our ministry to internationals which is combined with a variety of events for internationals and their families.  Our desire is to reach out to the “foreigners among us” so they can experience the community we enjoy as Christians and embrace Jesus as they see and hear the Gospel.

We enjoy a wonderful relationship with International Friendship, an organization dedicated to sharing the love of Christ with internationals here in Gainesville. We partner with IF for many events and services provided to internationals.

Visit the International Friendship website

Please contact Ardith Bissinger or Toby Sorrels at 352-378-1800 for more information about other opportunities for ministry to Internationals.