One Another Groups

In addition to meeting together in a large group, members of the early Christian church met “house to house,” sharing meals together, learning, and helping one another other out. At Creekside, we meet Sunday mornings, but also meet throughout the week in homes around the city. We consider these groups, called One Another Groups, a vital part of our church. They consist of:

Authentic relationships…
We are creatures of our times, and unfortunately that means we are too often afflicted by prideful self-centeredness, a benign aloofness from those closest to us, and a pursuit of control and comfort above all else. One of Scripture’s major remedies for these ills is to live our lives in the midst of a group of fellow Christ followers, nurturing transparent and honest relationships, centered around our relationship with Christ. We believe that living as part of a believing community is not optional, but an indispensable manifestation of the Gospel that is central to our lives a followers of Christ. When considering how to do this practically, we most quickly turn to the passages called the “one another” passages, which teach us to, among other things, bear one another burdens, be kind to one another, to be hospitable, to encourage, to exhort and admonish one another, to serve and accept one another. It’s important to acknowledge that a community like this is not built over night. It takes time and various spiritual disciplines that can sound quaint to some given the culture we live in. But the reality is that the people of God have found these essential for centuries in building lives of substance and depth; prayer, repentance, forgiveness, self sacrifice and above all else, a reliance on the Holy Spirit to provide the grace necessary for such an endeavor. Because so much of the life of the church takes place in the OAG setting, we strongly urge every member and regular Creekside attender to be committed to an One Another Group.

Shaped by the Word…
The Church has long held to the central truth that God has revealed Himself to us through His Scripture. While we can know certain aspects of God through his creation, it’s the Bible that gives us the clearest picture of who He is and what He is doing in the world. As such, it is imperative for us to be students of the Word. But it is absolutely crucial to remember that it isn’t enough to simply know the Bible or facts about it. We study the Scriptures to know the God who wrote them and to in turn, have that knowledge of Him lived out in our daily lives. We are blessed at Creekside to have a rich history of Bible teaching. The One Another Groups are our forum to take what we are learning from the Scriptureas and then apply it to our daily lives. We make this a focus of our OAG’s because we know the best place to apply biblical truth is in the context of the gracious “family” relationships found in the church. A central endeavor in this process involves working through the implications of the Gospel in our daily lives: prodigals pursued by a loving God and called to repentance, redeemed by grace through faith, given the privilege and responsibility to be agents of reconciliation as messengers of the Gospel, the “good news”. Thinking through and applying these biblical truths in a christian community protects us from “running down spiritual rabbit trails”, since we all have blind-spots. Since the OAG’s are smaller gatherings meeting in homes, there is a family feel to them, which allows for transparency and a freer exchange of what we are learning in our walk with Christ.

Given to Prayer…
As we commit ourselves to join with other Christians to build a grace infused, Gospel centered community, as we strive to apply God’s Word to our lives, there is another activity that is central to our growth as followers of Christ: prayer. We know that even when our efforts begin with noble intentions, they can be subverted by subtle but spiritually deadly attitudes such as pride and self righteousness. By making prayer an integral part of our OAG’s, we are anchoring ourselves to the truth that it is “God who builds the house”. We believe that as we grow in the practice of prayer, we will deepen our dependence on God for every aspect of our lives. Prayer is central not only to our relationship to our heavenly Father but to one another as well. We believe prayer is a vital part of the process God uses to foster unity between Christians and therefore, a key component of building spiritual community. As people share their needs and struggles with each other, and these concerns are then prayerfully taken before our heavenly Father, it strengthens the bonds between us. In all our efforts and studies, we must never forget that what we are engaged in is a supernatural endeavor that is first and last, a work of God. By placing a premium on prayer in our groups, we acknowledge this not only by words but by the act of regularly humbling ourselves collectively before the Lord. Our OAG’s are currently our major venue for corporate prayer and therefore we place a premium on prayer in these groups.

Seeking to Look Outward.
While we start with God and our community of faith, we must not end there. Scripture calls God’s people to be “light and salt”, “agents of reconciliation”, messengers of the Good News, the Gospel. It is a vital purpose of the church to be a “light on hill” for our community. Our OAGs purpose to prayerfully consider ways to reach out to their friends and neighbors who are outside of the community of faith. This is done in any number of ways, from hosting social functions that create a place for church and non-churched to meet and interact, to having the OAG help at a local ministry here in town. In any of these endeavors, we believe it is crucial to build relationships with others to give us the relational capital, the insight and the opportunity to speak about Christ, His love and redemption. With the variety of gifts and personalities we have at Creekside, we believe it will be fruitful to have each OAG prayerfully consider how God would have them use their unique gift mix to reach out. It is our prayer then that the OAG’s will function as spiritual “free enterprise zones” where people are encouraged to creatively and collectively reach out in ways that only their particular OAG’s unique mix of people could. We believe this approach will allow our efforts at outreach to be creative, spirit-led and personal.

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The Bible tells us that when someone becomes a Christian they are called not only to God, but to a community of believers. It is also clear from the New Testament that being a part of this community is a place of encouragement, a source of security, a duty, and a joy. True Christian fellowship, far from the superficial congeniality too many people experience, involves the call to love one another (John 15:12), instruct one another (Rom 15:14), comfort (2 Cor 13:11), show honor (Rom 12:10), serve (Gal 5:13), submit (Eph 5:21), encourage (1 Thess. 5:11), and bear one another’s burdens (Gal 6:2). Discipleship is done in community, not in isolation.

These meetings are designed for members of Creekside Community Church, but they are also a great place for visitors to come see what the church and Christian life are about. We have several One Another Groups that meet at different times and locations throughout the week. We encourage everyone in the Church family at Creekside to get involved in a One Another Group.

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