The Daily Read

Today’s Passage

What is The Daily Read?

The Daily Read is Creekside’s daily Bible reading plan. We believe that a maturing believer will be deepening their relationship with God through the Scriptures. For that reason, we are offering this resource to help Creeksiders become more regular in their pursuit of God.

Why another reading plan? Aren’t there enough good ones out there?

This is a great question, because many great reading plans exist. We think there are two unique strengths to this reading plan for anyone who calls Creekside their home.

First, The Daily Read is built around the sermon series. Each week, the reader will be reading the text for the coming Sunday’s sermon, as well as related texts that help fill in the picture. This will bring the reader’s personal devotions in line with the sermon series.

Second, The Daily Read will bring our congregation on the same page in terms of each person’s individual devotions. We are convinced this will enrich discussions in One Another Groups, in discipleship triads, with families and friends.

How are the passages selected?

As each sermon series is planned, a pastor will be appointed to develop a reading plan for the series. This plan will be presented to the other two pastors to be modified as needed.

The text for Sunday’s sermon will always be read on Tuesday and Sunday, with related texts filling in Wednesday through Saturday. On Monday, a passage will be given that will foster reflection the sermon heard the day before.

What if I already have a reading plan?

That’s great! We’re always thrilled to hear that Creeksiders are opening the Bible on their own. You certainly don’t have to abandon your personal reading plan for ours. We are not trying to hand down a mandate; we simply hope to provide a resource for those who want to steep in God’s Word.

That being said, for the reasons listed in question 2, we still think you ought to check out The Daily Read. You may find the opportunity to read alongside fellow Creeksiders an added bonus to your personal study. But either way, the goal is that people would be in the Word regularly, so if you stay with your plan, do so with our blessing!

How can I utilize this resource?

There are three ways to get a hold of The Daily Read.

  1. Sign up for daily email alerts, which will deliver each day’s passage right to your inbox,
  2. Follow our twitter handle, @DailyCreekside, and find each day’s passage right in your feed.
  3. Grab a bookmark at our Welcome Table once a month, which will have all the readings for each month on it.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email . He’d be more than happy to tell you more about The Daily Read and how you can get involved.

We hope you will take advantage of this great resource as you pursue your relationship with Christ!