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The King’s Agenda – Countless worldly kingdoms exist in which individuals, corporations, communities, and governments enact their will. The Kingdom that Jesus brought subverts them all with a radical redefinition of the good life, the good person, and the way to God. But before explicitly outlining His Kingdom, Jesus embodies Kingdom values through His baptism, obedience, and integrity, modeling for us what it means to follow Him.


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The King’s Arrival – The first two chapters of Matthew set the stage for the rest of Matthew’s gospel by introducing the main Character. Jesus is the One, the Messiah, the Christ, the anointed Deliverer of God’s people. We see this in His legal claim to David’s throne and Abraham’s blessing, in His miraculous birth, in the worship from the wise, and in supernatural deliverance from the false king who would destroy Him. In the rest of the gospel, we will watch as various characters grapple with Jesus’ identity, and will be invited to grapple with it ourselves.

Turning Point – The book of Ruth is an incredible love story, but not in the way we often think. While the marriage of Ruth and Boaz is the central plot of the story, the larger and more important story is God’s faithful love for His people. In the midst of Israel’s descent into idolatry, and through a series of “happenstance” events, God is making a way to fulfill His plan to redeem His people not only from their oppressors, but from themselves. Between “There was no king in Israel” and “For unto us is born this day…” lies the obscure and pivotal book of Ruth.

Rock Bottom – We all have a sense that we shouldn’t worship things or people that don’t deserve, but do we fully appreciate the consequences if we do? Rock Bottom is a sermon series based in Judges, the historical account of a time in Israel’s past that was particularly marked by idolatry and its effects. If we pay attention, we can head the strong warning against idolatry in our day, and look fervently to our ultimate hope, our King Jesus Christ, who alone is worthy of our worship.

Glory on Display – God has initiated His work of reconciling humanity to Himself and each other, all for His glory. But where can that glory be seen? And how should we live in light of it? To answer these questions, we turn to Paul’s letter to the church at Ephesus.

Always Reforming – Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther launched what came to be an international effort to reform the church. At the heart of the movement was a pervasive desire to continually reform our churches based on the five core pillars of our faith. This five-part series takes a look at each “sola” of the reformation, and asks what we can do to continue reforming our churches and our lives.

Advent 2016 – Many of us know the Christmas story, but did you know that it was predicted and anticipated for hundreds of years prior? This advent, we will be looking at passages from the prophet Isaiah to see how Jesus fulfilled the longing of God’s people for hope, love, joy, and peace.

2 Peter: Living in Light of the End

Love, Grow, Reach Devotionals – Creekside is a church that is devoted to the teaching of the Scriptures, on mission together to love God and others, grow in Christ and community, and reach our neighbors and the nations. These short devotionals explore what it means for us to live out this mission in Gainesville.

The Big Picture of Scripture – The Bible is one story about one main Character. The Big Picture of Scripture walks through the entire story of redemption found across the pages of Scripture and points us toward are part in that story.

The Church at Work

Advent 2015

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